These are some of our favorite creations! All of our jewelry is made by hand so each piece is truly unique! Our jewelry is made in 18K gold whether it looks yellow or white. We also use diamonds and other precious stones to add character and color to each piece. Best of all, each piece comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that it continues to be a part of the legacy of your unique character!



Mijou-18K White Gold Boucle Bracelet-Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou-18K White Gold-Cordis Pendant- Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou Lustre Pendant.jpg
Mijou Lustre Earrings.jpg
Mijou Ball Earrings.jpg
Mijou-18K White Gold-Elegance Hair Pin- Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou Button Earrings .jpg
Mijou-18K White Gold-Surprise Earrings-Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou-18K White Gold-Onde Pendant- Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou-18K White Gold-Button Cufflinks- Solo Collection.jpg
Mijou Vermicelli Ring.jpg
Mijou Farfalle Pendant.jpg
Mijou Knob Cufflinks.jpg
Mijou Farfalle Earrings.jpg
Mijou Boucle Bracelet.jpg

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